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 Experience cannot be duplicated.

E. Doug Middleton Builders

The rolling countryside of Southern Maryland has long been a perfect locale for those who want to work in Washington, but do not want to live in the crowd of the city and sprawling suburbs.

E. Doug Middleton has been building homes for families in Southern Maryland for over 60 years.

Let us build your perfect home on your lot here in Southern Maryland.

Our craftsmanship is honed by years of quality.

E. Doug Middleton

You want a stable company.
 E. Doug Middleton Builders has been building homes since 1950.
You want a company with a proven track record. E. Doug Middleton Builders has built thousands of homes in Southern Maryland for over 60 years.
You want a company that’s there after the sale. E. Doug Middleton Builders is known for their service after the sale. Your home comes with our personal integrity built into every board, and driven into every nail and screw. Your dream home is exactly the way you want it. That’s why we get so many referrals.

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